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Machinery monitor sends text message


July 9, 2012
By PEM Magazine

Predictive Sensor Technology (PST) introduces its Wireless Type K Thermocouple Transmitter (PST-TCK), which alerts the user via text or email when pre-set targets are reached. Temperature is the most versatile and easy-to-interpret indicator of equipment health. A change in temperature without a change in operating conditions indicates a problem.

Manufacturing operations that are sensitive to temperature changes and equipment with known optimal operating temperatures benefit from wireless monitoring since real-time notifications and alerts can allow modification and maintenance before catastrophic damage occurs. Temperature monitoring is especially valuable in evaluating conditions of motors, pumps, bearings, and gearboxes. Use of wireless thermocouple monitoring from PST in heat treat plants, commercial bakeries, industrial ovens and food storage operations helps control critical temperature parameters and eliminate surprise changes in conditions detrimental to the process. The PST (PST-TCK) also monitors and saves the condition history of the process to verify quality or enable adherence to manufacturing requirements or standards.

Bob Fitzpatrick, the developer of the technology, notes, “Our customers value the freedom and peace of mind they gain from having instant text and e-mail feedback from the TC-K transmitters when pre-set, targeted conditions are reached. Predictive maintenance takes the guesswork out of the process and prevents problems inherent with traditional preventive maintenance methods. Our customers enjoy peace of mind with 24/7/365 monitoring.”