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Wireless condition monitoring


May 22, 2012
By PEM Magazine

Prüftechnik has released its first wireless condition monitoring system, which accomplishes three things: low cost, quick and easy installation, and self-contained operation. VIBCONNECT RF transfers data via radio signals over a distance of up to 300 metres. The system consists of a central processing unit as well as up to 50 sensor units positioned all over the plant and installed on the machines on site. Each sensor unit comes with a radio module and two sensors, recording not only the vibration signal but also the temperature at the measuring point. Sensors and wireless module may be installed independently thus ensuring an optimized signal reception and most favourable measuring conditions. For the power supply of a sensor unit three options are available: a lithium battery with an approximately 4-year battery life, a 24-volt power supply, or an energy harvester transforming machine vibrations into electric energy.