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2012 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards presented in Saskatchewan

Regina, SK -- WorkSafe Saskatchewan has presented its 2012 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards.

Regina, SK — WorkSafe Saskatchewan has presented its 2012 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Awards.

Leeanne Koshykowski, a special care aide for the River Heights Lodge in North Battleford, SK, is the 2012 Safe Worker Award winner. Leeanne’s mission is to improve safety through prevention. She championed a program to get power cords and call bell cords out of the way and secure them to the walls. This improved safety for residents, staff, volunteers and visitors. Leeanne’s idea was cost effective and quickly implemented, but it had a big impact on slip, trip and fall injuries. Her prevention advocacy has shifted the safety culture at work – workers talk safety and are encouraged to suggest new safety ideas.

The 2012 Safe Employer Award winner is K-Line Maintenance and Construction Ltd., Emerald ParkSK. K-Line is committed to health and safety, and injury prevention. Its commitment to continuous improvements and its ‘no-blame safety culture’ that encourages hazard and incident reporting has brought K-Line closer to Mission: Zero. K-Line was the first company in Saskatchewan to obtain a Certificate of Recognition with the Heavy Construction Safety Association.

Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board chairperson David Eberle said, “People like this who are passionate about safety and prevention make Mission: Zero a reality every day.” This is the ninth straight year that Saskatchewan has seen a drop in time-loss injuries.


“People like Leeanne and companies like K-Line know there are big risks in everyday things. They see the risks, and then they do something about them before an injury happens,” said Mike Carr, deputy minister for Labour Relations and Workplace Safety. “Mission: Zero is possible in Saskatchewan if we all take responsibility for creating and supporting safe workplaces.”

Fast Facts

– Workplace peers and colleagues nominate the recipients of these awards. A WorkSafe Saskatchewan committee then adjudicates the nominations. You can view a complete list of committee members at and

– WorkSafe Saskatchewan is a partnership between the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board and the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety. The partnership began in 2002 and, since then, the workplace injury rate in Saskatchewan has improved by 38%.

– Every year, over 80% of Saskatchewan employers achieve Mission: Zero.

– In 2011, Saskatchewan workers reported over 39,600 injuries to the Workers’ Compensation Board.