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SDT200 ultrasonic detector


May 7, 2012
By PEM Magazine

Introducing the SDT200, an ultrasound detector without compromise. From the moment you pick up the SDT200 and grip its robust chassis you know that SDT has not sacrificed quality for the sake of price. Now slip on the cushion comfort headphones and transport your senses to a world of crystal clear, high definition ultrasonic enjoyment.

Listen beyond the noise of your plant. Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy. Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps. Confidently re-lubricate motor bearings with digital accuracy. Let the SDT200 chart a course for less energy waste, more efficient processes, and a greener environment. SDT puts its 35 years of ultrasound “know-how” into the SDT200. The company has a long standing reputation for designing high-end ultrasound measurement solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, and condition-based monitoring professionals. With a presence in more than 50 countries many consider SDT to be the global leader in ultrasound instrument design.