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Mobile MRO workstations


March 12, 2012
By PEM Magazine

Lista International Corp. introduces its durable mobile MRO workstations, which are mini workstations and high-density storage cabinets on wheels. Ideal for maintenance and repair applications, these storage solutions can be easily maneuvered to bring parts, tools, supplies and equipment directly to job sites, saving time and increasing productivity.

Lista’s  mobile MRO workstations feature built-in shelf storage behind a lockable door, and drawer storage to accommodate a wide range of different shaped and sized items. Providing a convenient workstation at repair sites, they are offered with a selection of worksurfaces, including durable butcher block and galvanized steel. For secure storage and easy transport of parts and tools, the workstations come complete with a locking system and handles, as well as two rigid and two swivel heavy-duty ball bearing casters with wheel brakes. A variety of locking options are available to ensure security among different users, including keyless keypad locks.

Able to extend a full 100 percent from the housing, the drawers allow for complete use of the furthest corners, and provide easy accessibility to all contents.  Cabinet drawers each provide a 440 lb. load capacity, and include Lista’s patented PrevenTip one-drawer-at-a-time interlock safety system to prevent accidental tipping. Each drawer also has individual latches, which secure drawers closed for safe transport. The drawers are available in six different full sidewall heights, for maximum cubic storage capacity.  A shelf compartment allows convenient, secure storage of larger, bulkier items in the same workstation.