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Ontario's Handling Specialty expands, grows sales, hires skilled workers


February 7, 2012
By PEM Magazine

Despite recent reports from Statistics Canada showing the Canadian economy lost jobs this fall, Grimsby, Ont.-based Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd. is experiencing a surge in successful contracts, and is currently hiring high skilled workers and leasing additional manufacturing facilities.

“We are thankful that our company seems to have weathered the economic storm that has affected so many of us in the manufacturing sector,” notes Thomas Beach, president of Handling Specialty.

“While Handling Specialty was affected by the recession of 2008 and its fallout, we have been lucky to land some important contracts in the fall of this year which have required us to add more staff, particularly in the area of manufacturing, and acquire additional floor space in order to meet our customer’s needs,” Beach says.

He credits the Handling Specialty team for staying strong and continuing to work hard during the recession, as well as the company’s unique value proposition of providing custom engineered and manufacturing lifting solutions, which require a high amount of engineering time and expertise.


“We are not an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution,” Beach says. “We are approached by customers who have a specific, and often complex, materials handling issue. We then work closely with the customer to identify solutions that solve their material handling challenges. That is what we bring to the marketplace, and we are proud of what we have accomplished.”

Over the years, Handling Specialty has worked with Lockheed Martin and the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 program, Cirque de Soleil and for underwater lifts for the “O” show, many of the big name automotive companies providing lift solutions for car assembly systems, and much more.

Now, with the backing of parent company Whiting Corporation and Canadian subsidiary Whiting Equipment Canada, the team at Handling Specialty has pledged to work even harder to achieve growth and success.

“Our team understands tough times; we have been through them ourselves,” Beach says. “But as always, out of challenges come opportunities, and we are determined to continue our success in the future, looking at industries that are experiencing growth, such as aerospace, rail and energy, and looking at expanding internationally.”