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Ontario government plans blitz on musculoskeletal disorders in February


January 30, 2012
By PEM Magazine

In February, the Ontario Ministry of Labour will be conducting a month-long blitz on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. The MSD blitz will concentrate on manual material handling, especially in the industrial, construction, mining, and health care sectors.

In a post on the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium‘s website, they have provided basic guidelines on what to expect:

If you have a visit from the ministry: The inspector will likley perform an administrative review including looking at how your workplace lives up to its roles under the Internal Responsibility System, your MSD injury statistics, your JHSC minutes, your written procedures and training on MSD hazards, and workplace controls that you have implemented or they feel should be implemented.

The last blitz they identified and wrote orders for manual lifting hazards, carrying on ladders, manual lifting with one person, unnecessary repetitive lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying, improper use of transportation carts, and poor workstation layout.


Be prepared: Have a well-documented MSD Prevention Program in place, know and understand the MSD hazards in your workplace, perform a workplace audit or Ergonomic Risk Assessment to understand your level of risk, have MSD-specific strategies in place to reduce risk, conduct training on MSD prevention to all levels of your organization.

Review the steps to an MSD Prevention Program by downloading the MSD Prevention Services brochure here (scroll to the bottom).