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Helical gear drives and gear motors


December 1, 2011
By PEM Magazine

Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor have combined their gearing expertise to offer the innovative new Series 2000 right-angle helical bevel gear drives and gear motors, designed with many performance and convenience features to meet requirements in a variety of applications — including dairy and bakery mixers, spiral heating and cooling racks, meat forming and processing lines, produce drying bins, bottling lines, unit conveyors and palletizers.

The Boston Gear Series 2000 C-face gear drives feature unique mounting registers and keyless tapered bushings for fast and easy installation. Units require very low maintenance with unique rounded housing surfaces for easier cleaning, premium acrylic paint pigmented with 316 stainless steel flake for high corrosion and abrasion resistance, and integrated
O-rings for high leak and ingress resistance.

Other maintenance advantages include automatic entrapment of wear debris, large diameter oil fill/drain holes and synthetic lubrication. Design flexibility is enhanced with a large assortment of shaft options, a variety of optional hollow bore sizes and input styles.

With efficiency of 98% per gear mesh, Series 2000 helical bevel reducers are ideal for use in applications with continuous or high duty cycle operations, high-ratio reduction, and limited access installations where long life is a necessity.


Bauer Series 2000 integral gear motors are inverter rated for use with VFDs. Motors are CE, CSA and UR certified, meet or exceed EISA 2007 efficiency requirements with a Class 1, Div 2, Groups B/C/D/T3C rated enclosure. Units also feature high quality bearings for long life and specially designed fans and fan covers for quieter operation.