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Widespread adoption of EtherNet/IP drives its growth


November 21, 2011
By PEM Magazine

EtherNet/IP, the number one industrial Ethernet protocol in the world in terms of nodes shipped, will exceed 4.5 million shipped nodes by the end of the year according to ODVA estimates. EtherNet/IP had its market position confirmed by ARC Advisory Group’s latest Industry Ethernet-based Devices Worldwide Outlook report. The study indicated that the highest percentage of all industry Ethernet nodes shipped worldwide is for EtherNet/IP devices.

The aggressive push by ODVA partners to pervade EtherNet/IP throughout the manufacturing architecture, including at the device level, solidified EtherNet/IP to the lead position in 2010. “As manufacturers replace legacy network systems and look for areas to streamline on a common solution, ARC sees a tremendous opportunity for growth of EtherNet/IP applications,” according to Craig Resnick, research director, with ARC. “ODVA and its member companies are many of the leaders in the industrial Ethernet market, having shipped thousands of devices to support an installed base of millions of nodes worldwide.”

Hundreds of companies support standardization on the EtherNet/IP protocol, including ODVA principal members Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Schneider Electric, Omron and Bosch Rexroth. “Schneider Electric’s industrial automation business has committed to EtherNet/IP technology because we believe it is the best global solution for our customers’ networking challenges,” said Cyril Perducat, senior vice-president with Schneider Electric.

“EtherNet/IP is a key platform for industrial companies around the globe for realizing continual process improvements and sustainability goals,” said Katherine Voss, executive director of ODVA. “Looking toward 2012 and beyond, ODVA will accelerate its efforts to drive the widest possible vendor offering of EtherNet/IP-compliant products and, together with ODVA’s members, with our members, drive user adoption of the technology throughout industry.”


Innovations that will further accelerate growth of EtherNet/IP include the high-availability ring topology offered by DLR, new energy objects and emerging commercial technologies that manufacturers will want to adopt in the industrial environment. In addition, the dominance of ODVA’s principal member in major industries, such as food and beverage, machinery manufacturing, mining/metals and water/wastewater, indicate that the EtherNet/IP network will maintain a leading position.