MRO Magazine offers free floor-marking kit to boost fire extinguishers visibility


August 30, 2011
By PEM Magazine

Safety and U.S. OSHA laws demand that fire extinguishers be in a visible location in a workplace so that they can be easily accessed in the event of a fire. is offering a free floor marking kit to mark where your fire extinguishers are located. The kit includes pre-cut Superior Mark aisle marking tape, which quickly create a highly visible floor marking to draw attention to the fire extinguisher’s location and prevent employees from putting anything in front of it that would hinder visibility.

State laws also say that fire extinguishers must be clearly marked and conspicuously located in the workplace. The floor marking kit includes three pieces of red Superior Mark floor tape for quick and easy installation. This kit helps companies comply with OSHA Regulation 1910.157(c)(1).

“One of the most effective ways to keep the floor beneath a fire extinguisher clear is to mark the area with highly visible floor markings that communicate with employees,” says Cliff Lowe, managing director of InSite Solutions and creator of Superior Mark.

The pre-cut Superior Mark aisle marking tape is especially easy to install, as it features puzzle cut corners. This makes installation faster, as there is no need to cut or butt splice tape to create the box shaped marking. It installs in just a few minutes with a quick peel and stick application. This type of floor marking effectively keeps the area beneath fire extinguishers clear by communicating the regulation with employees.


To increase visibility, add a fire extinguisher floor sign for small extra charge. InSite Solutions can make floor signs with any custom graphic design, and they are available in vinyl, rubber, and inlaid epoxy.

InSite Solutions is the manufacturer of Superior Mark aisle marking tape. InSite specializes in floor marking solutions that increase safety, organization, and efficiency in the workplace.  They offer Superior Mark and a variety of other traffic control solutions for sale on their ecommerce website, Please contact Cliff Lowe for additional information. The number is 1-866-284-1541 and email is