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TD Waterhouse Tower in Toronto lands LEED certification in operations, maintenance category


August 15, 2011
By PEM Magazine

The TD Waterhouse Tower at the Toronto-Dominion Centre at 79 Wellington St. W. in downtown Toronto has attained LEED Gold Certification under the Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance category, presented by the Canada Green Building Council.

This award marks a special accomplishment for TD Centre as we have been working diligently to exceed several environmental and operational benchmarks that we know will benefit our valued clients.

Cadillac Fairview has long been committed to environmental stewardship at Toronto-Dominion Centre, and the corporation says it’s great to see the hard work of our team recognized in this way. Achieving LEED Gold is a testament to architect Mies van der Rohe’s timeless design of the TD Centre and our commitment to preserving this while offering uncompromising service, comfort and energy efficiency to the 21,000 people that call TD Centre home every day.

The LEED Gold certification helps to set TD Centre apart from its competitors and prove that greening of an existing building of this quality is both the smart thing and the right thing to do.


In order to achieve LEED Gold EB: O&M Certification, TD Centre had to meet strict, measurable benchmarks and earn credits in five categories – Sustainable sites, Water efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality.

The following initiatives helped TD Centre to meet the standards of the five LEED categories:

  • The Occupant Engagement Program: Through its unique Occupant Engagement Program (OEP), Cadillac Fairview is reviewing its operations in a unique way by creating a comprehensive program to encourage and actively engage tenants to help meet progressive consumption and meet eco-friendly standards.
  • Energy Reduction: The TD Centre has reduced its overall energy use by six percent since 2008 by installing automatic lighting controls, state-of-the-art building automation controls, real-time energy monitoring and lighting retrofits.
  • Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling: In 2004, the TD Centre was connected to the energy and cooling abilities of the water from Lake Ontario. This upgrade replaced 13,000 tons of chiller capacity and reduced electrical consumption by 90 percent of the electricity previously used by the chillers.
  • Electricity Submetering Systems: Installed on every office floor, the system allows tenants to log in, view, and manage their individual and specific energy use.
  • Reduced water usage by eight percent: In 2009 water consumption for the TD Centre decreased thanks to washroom fixtures with low consumption, auto valve controls, aerators on water faucets and regular water audits.