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EMC launches certificate program for manufacturers to develop supervisory skills


July 14, 2011
By PEM Magazine

Manufacturers across Canada will benefit from the THRC-Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program, newly launched by the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in partnership with the Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC) and Harvard University.

The supervisory certificate program is designed to help candidates with potential for future management roles develop critical supervisory skills.

“EMC is elated to bring this new program to our members and our audience manufacturers across Canada,” said Al Diggins, president and general manager of EMC. “We have enjoyed a strong relationship built with THRC over many years and this program is another terrific example of what can happen when our organizations get together to help address the needs of industry.”

Participants in this professional certificate program will have access to world-class content and expertise, while connecting with peers to share best practices and expand their professional networks. Using a blended approach of online technologies and face-to-face meetings, this program will encourage the development of critical thinking, leadership and management skills.

Study Outline

  • Leadership Skills (~10 hours online learning)
  • Leading & Motivating, Coaching, Difficult Interactions
  • Management Skills (~10 hours online learning)
  • Problem-solving, Health and Safety
  • Workplace Performance Project (~20 hours)
  • Based on a challenge encounted in their workplace, participants will be asked to identify a project topic and any existing/potential Health & Safety issues/hazards related to the topic to be discussed with the help of industry and professional facilitators.

A recent pilot of the program produced some terrific results.

“The Supervisor Certification Program was a great course that taught me some different approaches to solving problems,” said Dan Palubiski with NGF Canada.” “Instead of telling people what to do, we brought a group together to brainstorm, which created buy-in and has really worked to our advantage.”

“I’ve seen growth and development from our participants, a willingness to work together on a project,” said Jim Anderson with Kraus Flooring. “They made connections within the company that will benefit them and us for a long time to come. The case study has resulted in some significant process changes.”

“The Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC) is pleased to be collaborating with EMC to deliver a proven, results-based program developed by industry for industry,” said David Kelly, executive director of THRC. “I am confident that this partnership between THRC, EMC and Harvard creates tremendous value for manufacturers.”

EMC’s industry leading health & safety program team has designed key modules included in the THRC-Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program, vetted and accredited by THRC and Harvard. This will ensure supervisors will have the subject-matter-expertise required to meet all legislation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and regulations pertaining to their operations.

This initiative has been spearheaded by THRC in partnership with EMC, Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium. EMC is a unique not-for-profit organization which provides primary expertise and industry resources to nearly 1,000 manufacturing companies in 53 regional consortiums, across 200+ communities in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

EMC and THRC have scheduled the first offering of this 12-week program commencing September 2011, with plans to provide future English and French programs into 2012.

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