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PEMAC joins forces with Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management


June 20, 2011
By PEM Magazine

The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) held its fourth series of face-to-face meetings May 15 to 19, 2011, in alignment with the ICOMS Asset Management Conference in Gold Coast, Australia. On 17 May, the GFMAM council voted to accept the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) as a member.

“We welcome Cindy Snedden from PEMAC, Canada to the society,” GFMAM said in a press release.

Multiple projects were initiated and further developed during the meetings.

The ‘Asset Management Landscape,’ led by the Asset Management Council (AM Council) and the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), is a tool that promotes a common global approach to asset management. During the meetings, the six actions were determined as the next steps in the project.


The ‘Accord’ project, led by the AM Council and IAM, is developing an accreditation process in anticipation of the new ISO standard for asset management. The accord aims to provide recognition to and assess against standard vocational, professional and academic qualifications in asset management. To date, a draft process and asset management qualification framework has been developed. Next steps for the project are to identify existing asset management courses and to engage with target organizations in running a trial assessment.

The ‘Growth of Regional Societies’ project, led by SMRP, aims to develop membership, both for companies and for individuals, of organizations who are members of the GFMAM. It was agreed the following four outcomes are to be actioned:

  • establish a GFMAM Member Organisation Directory Use Process in order to leverage the GFMAM website;
  • develop Global Events Calendar for the GFMAM website;
  • develop a membership capture strategy for each organization based on an analysis of each organization’s membership; and
  • develop a Global Capture Strategy for local and regional organization membership.

The GFMAM members of the ‘Certification Review Project’ have functioning certification schemes. Along with Canada’s PEMAC, these organizations also  include EFNMS, ABRAMAN, AM Council, GSMP and SMRP. The project objective is to learn more about each other’s existing national schemes for the certification of individuals in the maintenance and asset management professions and to effectively describe these schemes.

During the ICOMS Asset Management Conference, five international bodies had the opportunity to discuss and describe each other’s certification schemes, twice in a formal format in front of the conference attendees and also informally though various conversations. The bodies have committed to working together and will document what is understood of each other’s scheme in writing.

The next face-to-face meeting is scheduled to take place in October 2011 in parallel with the SMRP Conference in the USA.

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