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Amid global turmoil, manufacturers conduct business from afar with Librestream's Onsight


June 12, 2011
By PEM Magazine

Natural catastrophes and political unrest have caused financial hardship for struggling local inhabitants and have affected business operations around the globe. Winnipeg-based Librestream announced that its Onsight mobile collaboration system is being used by manufacturers to replace travel to these challenged regions.

Travel to many Middle East and African regions as well as Japan is currently restricted due to the recent natural disasters and civil unrest. Yet in most cases, businesses are still operating. These businesses must continue to develop new products, keep production lines running, and service their products in the field. Librestream has provided a travel alternative for these manufacturers.

One leading North American auto manufacturer recently increased its use of the Librestream Onsight mobile collaboration system as a result of travel restrictions and high travel costs to Japan. This manufacturer purchases robots from vendors in Japan for use in new manufacturing assembly lines around the world. Prior to deploying the new robots, engineering teams traditionally travelled to the vendor’s site in Japan to perform tests. This travel has now been replaced with live Onsight video collaboration sessions.

In Tunisia, political unrest has also impacted manufacturing operations. One manufacturer of airplane parts recently expanded its investment in Onsight to connect engineers located around the world with manufacturing and testing operations in Tunisia. Prior to using Onsight, these engineers travelled to Tunisia to review processes, new parts casting, and quality issues. Real time mobile video collaboration now allows these teams to interact more frequently without the risks of travel.


“With political uncertainty and natural disasters limiting non-essential travel, Onsight provides a timely solution,” stated Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream. “Multinational companies usually invest in Onsight to save money and improve productivity, but risk mitigation is a growing area of importance. Our recent history of natural as well as man-made disasters has shown how our mobility is restricted during and after these events. Onsight provides businesses with a travel alternative that mitigates risk and ensures business continuity,” he added.