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Alberta to target U.S. workers for open jobs in the oil sands

The next Alberta boom may come with a new wave of American employees.

The provincial government is pitching an idea to make workers from the United States a first priority for any open jobs in the oilsands.

Several businesses are praising the concept but critics are stressing that the employment needs of Albertans need to be the top priority.

The president of Cessco, a company that has been in the oilpatch business for six decades, says a shortage of qualified workers is becoming a major problem.

Don McFarlane welcomes the idea of promoting jobs in Alberta to potential employees south of the border.

Thomas Lukaszuk, the provincial minister of employment and immigration, is promoting the plan as a way to bolster the image of Alberta’s oilsands in the United States and for its focus at promoting employment with the province’s largest trading partner.