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Bar-coded Goodyear belts help users, distributors manage inventory

Bar coded power transmission belts will help streamline the supply chain for distributors and end-users of power transmission products.

Veyance Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products has introduced a new bar code system to compliment their power transmission products vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program.

Backed by over a century of rubber compounding experience, Veyance is printing bar codes directly onto its line of standard power transmission belts through an innovative process – a step the company took to help its customers more efficiently manage their inventories. Bar codes printed directly onto the belts is a cost effective and reliable method to reduce the risk of the codes being detached during the shipping process.

“Distributors and end-users put a lot of effort into tracking their inventory levels,” said Tom Burgett, manger of power transmission products marketing at Veyance. “We’re making inventory management easier by incorporating a robust bar code system that helps reduce the time and cost of handling our products.”

These bar coded belts are part of a complete VMI program. In addition to the new bar codes, Veyance offers its distributors an expansive VMI program, which has been proven to help increase sales and reduce administrative costs.

Veyance’s innovative bar code system and best-in-class VMI solutions allows supply chain specialists to better manage inventory levels and reduce costly shipping errors.

“We have the tools and expertise to help reduce inventories, improve end-user fills and lower administrative cost for any of our Goodyear Authorized Distributors with a warehousing option,” Burgett said.