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Pump-shaft sealing system saves water, maintenance


March 23, 2011
By PEM Magazine

James Walker has developed a reliable, cost effective alternative to mechanical seals and compression packing in pulp and paper applications. The KlickFix cartridge sealing system contains multiple in-built lips that can be sequentially deployed in order to provide extended sealing life and predictable operational performance. Easy to fit, the cartridge has the potential to significantly outperform traditional mechanical seals and compression packings.

To date the longest KlickFix trial has been running at a mill in North America where the cartridge replaced a tungsten carbide faced mechanical seal on a 2.25" shaft Allis-Chalmers pump. The mechanical seal required clean water flush at a rate of 20 U.S. gallons/hour and had an operational life of between nine and eleven months pumping a 3-5% process paper stock concentration.

Following the installation of a KlickFix cartridge, the flush rate was immediately reduced to less than two U.S. gallons/hour — a 90% reduction in clean water consumption. The KlickFix cartridge has now been in continuous operation without leakage or adjustment for more than three and a half years.