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Ontario saveONenergy campaign promotes energy conservation


March 23, 2011
By PEM Magazine

The Government of Ontario is close to finishing an extensive multimedia awareness campaign explaining to consumers and businesses how they can conserve energy and better manage their electricity costs. Full details about programs and related savings can be found at

The four-week campaign was undertaken by the Ontario Power Authority and local electricity distribution companies (LDCs), which serve individual communities throughout the province. It featured a mix of TV, radio, outdoor and online components. The campaign builds on several years of successful efforts that have already helped many Ontario consumers and businesses embrace energy efficiency and conservation.

The campaign supports the Ontario government’s Long-Term Energy Plan by boosting conservation and empowering consumers and businesses to better manage their electricity use and costs. Thanks to the province’s conservation efforts, Ontario has saved more than 1,700 MW of electricity since 2005, equivalent to taking more than half a million homes off the grid.

As a unifying feature, the campaign introduces Ontarians to a new tagline that captures the essence of these province-wide conservation programs and will become increasingly familiar over the coming months and years: "saveONenergy." This targeted message is combined with the "Cleaner Ontario" mark, which will be featured on all conservation messages delivered together with LDCs as a symbol of consistency and unity of conservation efforts throughout the province.


The campaign conveys that it is now easier than ever for all Ontarians to participate in conservation through the saveONenergy programs, which offer a range of conservation tools and incentives. Simple conservation actions can lead to greater energy efficiency, less environmental impact and greater reliability in the electricity system. Removing an old, inefficient refrigerator (for free) can save up to $125 annually in wasteful electricity costs. Upgrading a household heating and cooling system to an energy efficient model, supported by an incentive of as much as $650, will lead to year-round savings due to greater energy efficiency. Using coupons for energy-efficient products can lead to significant immediate savings at the store and ongoing savings from using these energy efficient products. Incorporating energy efficiency in a newly constructed or retrofitted home may lower the maintenance costs and increase the market appraisal and resale value of what, for many people, is their biggest lifetime investment.

Today, LDCs are equipped to help Ontarians achieve their full energy-conservation potential. Conservation is the most economical way to manage the overall size of our electricity system, and is the easiest way to shrink electricity bills. It also protects our environment.

The Ontario Power Authority is responsible for ensuring a reliable, sustainable supply of electricity for Ontario. Its key areas of focus are planning the power system for the long term, leading and coordinating conservation initiatives across the province, and ensuring development of needed generation resources.