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Gates launches hose monitoring, diagnostics, identification services

The Fluid Power unit of Gates Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, has launched Sentry Services hose monitoring, diagnostics and identification services that help OEMs, distributors and end users maximize the productivity of hose assemblies and minimize costly downtime.

Companies that depend on fluid power equipment at construction sites, mining operations, wind farms, marine facilities, offshore platforms and beyond will use Sentry IQ and Sentry ID, the complementary components of Sentry Services, to track the condition and performance of hose assemblies and prevent hose failure. This helps eliminate equipment downtime, which can cost anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour for critical end-user applications.

Sentry IQ monitors real-time diagnostic information about the operating condition and performance of hose assemblies, continuously measuring temperatures, pressures, impulse cycles and more to calculate remaining hose life and identify hoses for replacement before failure occurs

Sentry ID is a unique, radio frequency (RF) tagging system that allows field service personnel, mobile equipment operators and fleet managers to identify and track specific hose assemblies operating worldwide. It facilitates quick location, repair and replacement.

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