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AutoStore piece-pick/storage solution wins 'Best Product' award


March 2, 2011
By PEM Magazine

AutoStore, Swisslog’s piece-pick and storage solution, has won the "Best Product" award at LogiMAT 2011, chosen by an independent jury made up of representatives from industry, research and the media. LogiMAT is the international trade fair for distribution, material handling and information flow, held annually in Germany.

AutoStore is a patented warehouse system for space-saving storage and cost-effective handling of piece-picked goods. It is a simple concept consisting of a cubical grid and plastic bins stored on top of, and adjacent to one another, with virtually no gaps in between for storing the goods. The bins are stored and retrieved by a series of robots that move on top of the grid. Each robot features its own functionality to lift the bins, move them to workstations and then place them back in the grid. Each robot can reach any bin, and each bin can get to every workstation.

The storage position of goods inside the grid is automatically optimized so that frequently-ordered goods remain in the upper reaches of the grid for fast access. The size and form of the grid can also be adapted to any existing facility to ensure optimal space usage.

“We are very excited to receive this ‘Best Product’ award,” says Markus Schmidt, senior vice-president of Swisslog. “During the LogiMAT 2011 show, we have had discussions with many visitors and experts and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are very happy that the panel, which decided this award, now confirms our opinion that AutoStore is transforming the goods-to-person solution landscape.”


AutoStore has been installed at more than 10 customer sites throughout Europe and is part of the Swisslog solution family.