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New market forecasts free for members of PTDA and EPTDA

Chicago, IL and Brussels, Belgium - Both the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) and the European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) have formed a relationship with economic forecaster Alan Beaulieu, president of...


February 28, 2011
By MRO Magazine


Chicago, IL and Brussels, Belgium – Both the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) and the European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) have formed a relationship with economic forecaster Alan Beaulieu, president of the Institute for Trend Research (ITR) of Boscawen, NH.

Since 1990, Beaulieu has been consulting with companies throughout the US, Europe, and Japan on how to forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis. He is recognized and celebrated for his proven track record of 95% accuracy in his forecasts.

In response to member demand for market trend information, PTDA is working with Beaulieu to provide 400 distributors and manufacturers of power transmission/motion control products – members of the PTDA — with the new PTDA Market Forecast at no additional cost to them.

To be issued quarterly, the PTDA Market Forecast combines three targeted economic forecasts into one comprehensive report:


1. Macroeconomic analysis for the US and Canada.

2. Forecasts for 10 of the most important North American customer markets served by PTDA members.

3. Webinar facilitated by Alan Beaulieu to help members use the market trend data in their business planning.

“This new member benefit is putting relevant and timely data in our members’ hands, so they can anticipate the performance of their most critical customer markets,” said David Mayer, PTDA’s president in 2011 and vice-president of marketing for Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., Windsor, CT. “Access to this information is generally out of reach for the average PTDA member. By leveraging its resources, PTDA is able to provide all members, regardless of their budgets, with tools they can apply to make a tangible difference in their operations.”

The report will provide charts and commentary for US and Canadian Industrial Production as well as the following 10 customer markets:

– Food Production

– Mining Production (excluding Oil & Gas)

– Oil & Gas Extraction Production

– Iron & Steel Products Production

– Industrial Machinery Production

– Farm Machinery Shipments

– Electric Power Generation Production

– Material Handling Equipment New Orders

– Pulp, Paper & Board Mills Production

– North America Light Vehicle Production.

To help members better apply the information in the report, Beaulieu will provide commentary and a guide to using the data to advance members’ businesses in a 90-minute webinar on March 30, 2011. This webinar is being offered at no charge to PTDA members.

As well, Beaulieu now serves as EPTDA’s economic forecaster. He will provide market analysis, trends development and forecasts exclusively available for EPTDA members’ markets through a bi-monthly column and a detailed analysis through a quarterly report. Beaulieu will also be addressing EPTDA members and guests at the next EPTDA annual conference.

“Thanks to this new alliance with ITR, EPTDA members can benefit from Beaulieu’s experience, accurate insight into trends and economic movements, and count on reliable forecasts to make better-informed decisions,” said Hans Hanegreefs, EPTDA’s executive vice-president.

“Our world has changed quite significantly since the Great Depression/Recession of 2008-2010,” he added. “Businesses and leaders have recognized the importance of having access to reliable information, expert analysis of available data and experience in analyzing market trends to better gauge the economic pulse, in order to define their short- and long-term strategies and move quickly as the market turns. We are confident that the appointment of Alan Beaulieu, as the EPTDA economic forecaster, will significantly boost the confidence of our members as they can now rely on an experienced advisor.”

In addition to the bi-monthly and quarterly forecasts and analysis reports, EPTDA also publishes several intelligence reports, including Trend Data Survey and Benchmark Analysis, EU Monitoring reports, and more.

“My first experience with EPTDA was only in 2010 [at its annual convention in Malta], but I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest leaders of the PT/MC industry for many years now, including [at] the PTDA Industry Summits, EPTDA’s sister organization in the US,” said Beaulieu. “I look forward to serving EPTDA and its members further and working closely with them to find better business solutions through better information.”

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