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ABB offers beginner's guide to optimizing combustion of fuels


February 28, 2011
By PEM Magazine

A new 12-page guide from ABB provides basic information for optimizing combustion to improve efficiency, lower environmental impact, and reduce downtime. The guide, available only as a downloaded PDF, notes that users can apply this knowledge to:

  • Process heaters for increased throughput;
  • Waste incinerators for waste throughput and environmental impact; and
  • Steam raising for power generation and various industries where fuel efficiency is important.

For this discussion the guide defines combustion as the oxidation of a fuel, mainly hydrocarbon, for the purpose of producing useful heat. It goes on to cover the optimum ratios of air and fuel to maximize efficiency for reduced operating costs and good emmisions control.

The guide continues with an explanation of the role of in-place zirconium oxygen sensors in the furnace and flue. It explains how the sensors work and provides a great deal of application information for interpreting sensor readings.

To download "A beginner’s guide to combustion optimization," visit or email and request the guide by title.