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Bio-Circle offers free product demo, launches maintenance program


February 3, 2011
By PEM Magazine

Bio-Circle is offering a personalized, free demonstration of its environmentally friendly parts-washer system at your facility. If you sign up, the company is a offering a chance to win one of two free yearlong Care Serivce maintenance programs.

Click here to sign up.

Bio-Circle is the only self-renewing, self-regenerating parts washer system on the market that the company says is as effective as solvent-based parts washers. "It is a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution already adopted by thousands of industrial users worldwide," according to its website.

Montreal’s Walter Surface Technologies also recently introduced its new national Bio‐Circle Care Serivce. For the last few years, Bio‐Circle parts washers have been successfully replacing toxic solvents in industrial facilities, thereby reducing the chemical waste streams of many companies worldwide, through biological transformation of contaminants on dirty tools and parts into plain water.


WATCH: Bio-Circle and CARE SERVICE in Action

“With the growing success of environmentally-friendly Bio‐Circle washers throughout our MRO National customer base, we are now following up with Care Serivce in all provinces. With our new fleet of Care Serivce delivery vans in operation, this means we can even “load up” and take the complete service right to our customers’ facility,” says Timothy Houghton, president and COO of Walter Surface Technologies. The “no hassle” features of Care Serivce include a 21-point maintenance procedure, carried out by professionally-trained technicians to ensure that the system is always working at peak performance. Their mission is clearly to save customers’ time and money.

The procedure includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of interior and exterior of the parts washer unit;
  • Filtering of the cleaning solution;
  • No charge replacement of filter cartridge, air diffusers and hand brush if necessary; and
  • Replacement of other parts can be invoiced through the customer’s Bio‐Circle distributor. This can include topping‐up of Bio‐Circle liquid and addition of other accessories.

The Care Serivce can be purchased as part of one of the two Bio‐Circle parts washer system packages: Mini and Maxi. These packages include: use of the Bio-Circle parts washer, Bio-Circle L solution to start up, employee training and access to help desk.  Walter Surface Technologies retains ownership and ultimate responsibility for the parts washers, which ensures proper refurbishing or disposal of each unit upon completion of its Care Serivce agreement.

Care Serivce is an integral part of the newly created Bio‐Circle Environmental Solutions division which includes Bio‐Circle parts washers along with new products and services such as Air Force/AF‐Weld as well as an expanded range of cleaners, degreasers and welding products.

Walter Surface Technologies, which began over 50 years ago in a Montreal suburb is currently doubling the size of its research and management facilities and was able to follow its credo of sustainable development by recycling over 90 percent of the materials used in the original structures. Privately owned, Walter is using strict LEED guidelines to create this leading edge headquarters facility. Walter Surface Technologies markets its products and processes across Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe. It continues researching and developing new, environmentally-friendly and sustainable products through its expanding global network of offices and partnering university laboratories.