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MPulse releases Condition Triggered Maintenance add-on tool


November 30, 2010
By PEM Magazine

MPulse Maintenance Software, developers of MPulse v7 CMMS, has released Condition Triggered Maintenance (CTM), an new add-on tool for MPulse v7 customers who want to move to condition-based monitoring (CBM) as part of their overall CMMS solution.
MPulse’s Condition Triggered Maintenance schedules or triggers maintenance at, or just before system inefficiencies begin. CTM integrates fully with all MPulse EAM/CMMS systems and allows MPulse users to take their maintenance activities to the next level – condition based. Moving from usage and time based maintenance to condition based maintenance leads to greater reporting on compliance, lowers operational costs, and improves reliability. With CTM, MPulse customers can now base their maintenance activities on the actual state of the assets they are maintaining, not an arbitrary calendar schedule.
Most new equipment is manufactured with built-in PLCs or sensors with the capability to write files to networks. Environmental and Building Automation Systems are also built with these tools. Even without OEM sensors and PLCs, there are inexpensive after-market options that can monitor just about anything (temperature, pressure, flow, amp draw, vibration, run time, etc) and can be setup wirelessly throughout a facility. While many MPulse customers have been actively monitoring their assets for years, CTM now gives them an easy to use add-on tool that puts asset condition data into an ‘action’ based system like MPulse.
CTM integrates seamlessly with MPulse v7 as part of an overall CMMS solution. Web-native applications like MPulse, with advanced web server technology, user-friendly architecture, customizable interfaces and location independence offer superior performance in the gathering, measuring and reporting of data.

The company adds: "Adding Condition Triggered Maintenance greatly improves that performance. As a proactive approach, CTM closely monitors assets and automatically initiates the appropriate actions based on condition, not a calendar. When assets talk directly to MPulse via CTM it results in actionable data and more usable information, and reliable, usable information is critical to maintaining assets at optimum levels, preventing down-time, saving money and conserving energy."