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SmartSignal summit addresses equipment reliability, safety


November 2, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Every year, SmartSignal assembles energy experts from around the world to discuss the latest in predictive analytics and how they use the industry’s innovations to improve equipment availability and reliability, increase maintenance efficiency, reduce risks and increase safety. This year, more than 250 experts made the trip to Chicago — from mining, upstream, gas transportation, downstream and power — from Canada, the U.S. around the world. From CEOs to plant engineers, all perspectives and experiences were presented and shared.

SmartSignal discussed its latest innovations — from its new SmartSignal SHIELD diagnostic software to its popular full-service remote Availability and Performance Center (APC), which was also on site. Attendees shared how they are monitoring standard rotating and non-rotating equipment, and also sophisticated process equipment with hundreds of sensors. Monitoring scope includes turbines, compressors, generators, engines, pumps, heat exchangers, scrubbers, control valves, boilers and more.

Attendees shared dozens of examples of how predictive analytics and diagnostics are working for them and providing quick return on investment by catching small problems before they grow large or catastrophic. 

Due to demand, SmartSignal will be expanding its number and locations of summits, with the next one to be held in Madrid, Spain, in Spring 2011.