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Pneumatic cylinders for food applications


September 27, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Festo has launched a new generation of pneumatic actuators which it claims provides a cost-effective alternative to specialist high-end components. Festo says the pneumatic actuators can be used in aggressive environments where frequency wash-down procedures are implemented. The corrosion-resistant CRDSNU round and DGRF guided cylinders used H1 food-grade lubricants.

The Festo Clean Design pneumatic cylinders are suited for the food and beverage industries, employing principles to minimise contamination risk, including smooth, corrosion-resistant body profiles which are free from protrusions.

The CRDSNU stainless steel round cylinder is available in eight ISO 6432 compliant sizes spanning stroke lengths from 1 to 500 mm. The cylinder uses Festo’s PPS self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning technology, which automatically adapts to the prevailing load and speed conditions to provide optimum end-position cushioning.

The DGRF guided cylinder features lateral piston rod support guides. They offer a choice of six different bore sizes from 20 to 63 mm, and are available with stroke lengths from 10 to 400 mm.