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BSA partners with ABMA to help stop counterfeit bearings

Glen Ellyn, IL -- On the recommendation of the Bearing Specialists Association's (BSA) Distributor/Manufacture...

Glen Ellyn, IL — On the recommendation of the Bearing Specialists Association’s (BSA) Distributor/Manufacturer Relations Committee, the BSA Board of Directors approved a motion embracing an anti-counterfeiting distributor partnership proposal from the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). Counterfeiting represents a $600-billion a year problem that is costing US businesses $200 billion to $250 billion annually.

With its approval, BSA agreed to:

– embrace the World Bearing Association (WBA) Awareness Campaign and help market it to end users via the association websites and member e-blast;

– to market BSA’s Top Ten reasons to buy from authorized distributors, and to


– encourage members to share this information with end users.

In addition, BSA agreed to publish Organizational Statements and Articles Against Counterfeiting, including denouncing any involvement in counterfeiting throughout the bearing supply chain; voicing support for ABMA and WBA anti-counterfeiting activities; and sharing news on lawsuits, raids and other anti-counterfeiting activities with memberships.

BSA also agreed to create association position papers on various topics against counterfeiting. Finally, if a BSA member is convicted of selling counterfeit bearings, the Board will carefully review its BSA membership status in light of that conviction.

BSA’s opposition to counterfeit products is well-established. Its Top Ten program of reasons to buy products and services from authorized BSA member distributors was launched in 2007 to help distributors educate end users about the value of authorized distribution. The association welcomed ABMA’s Scott Lynch to its 2010 Winter Meeting for an update on anti-counterfeiting efforts. The association also presented its own program on counterfeit bearings at its 2010 Annual Convention.

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