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PEM launches exclusive Terry Wireman newsletter Aug. 3

Beginning Aug. 3, 2010, industry guru Terry Wireman — author of 21 maintenance and reliability textbooks and frequent guest speaker — will be writing the content for a monthly PEM e-newsletter entitled Wireman’s Wire. Click here to subscribe.

For a sneak peek at what’s to come, he will begin with an overview of a maintenance strategy, followed by the various components (preventive maintenance, inventory, planning and scheduling, predictive maintenance, etc.) that a maintenance manager would need to consider when developing a strategy for their company.

"For each strategy component, I will discuss what comprises the strategy component and then how the strategy component can solve some of the common problems facing maintenance managers," Wireman explains.
He is looking forward to communicating with readers and tailoring the content to their needs. "Any points they would like to see addressed will be topics that will be dealt with in later newsletters," he adds.

To contact Terry Wireman, email