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Canada invests in skills development and workplace safety


July 5, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Canadian manufacturing workers and businesses will benefit from a Government of Canada investment in a literacy and essential skills development project.

“Our government believes that working with partners to improve literacy and essential skills is a great way to help Canadians build better futures,” said Labour Minister Lisa Raitt. “By identifying best practices and creating tools to help businesses incorporate these critical skills in their training programs, this project will ultimately help workers get the skills upgrading they need to stay safe and productive on the job.”

“Helping workers upgrade their skills is a good investment for employers,” insisted Bob Dechert, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice. “I’m proud that businesses right here in Mississauga recognize this fact and are helping to lead the way for employers across the country.”

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) will receive over $4 million for its project entitled Leveraging and Embedding Literacy and Essential Skills in Health and Safety Opportunities, through the National Essential Skills Workplace Service – Employment Insurance Part II program.


Through this project, CME will conduct research and develop a business case to demonstrate the benefits of embedding literacy and essential skills into health and safety training programs, which will encourage innovation, productivity and safety in the workplace.

“CME is pleased to partner with the federal government to achieve results and leverage the opportunities between two of our priority issues: literacy and essential skills, and health and safety,” said Ian Howcroft, vice-president of the Ontario division of the CME. “Success in these areas will help companies improve productivity, health and safety performance and create a better working environment.”

Improving adult Canadians’ literacy and essential skills is a key part of the Government’s commitment to creating the best educated, most skilled and most flexible workforce in the world.