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SKF launches new range of shaft alignment tools

SKF Canada Ltd. has introduced a new range of shaft alignment tools that have been designed to be easy to use and harness the power of lasers to achieve pin-point accuracy in the alignment of shafts.

The new TKSA series is the latest development of SKF’s alignment tool range, and consists of two models; the TKSA 20 that suits virtually any budget and the TKSA 40 with built-in tolerance checking and a memory facility that allows results to be stored and shared.

“The old methods, using straight edges and dial gauges, belong to the past,” said Benjamin Provoost, development engineer. “With the new TKSA range, virtually any technician can align shafts accurately, in a fraction of time it took previously.”

Both tools have been designed around the needs of technicians, who have to perform shaft alignment tasks. The TKSA series are simple to use and display real-time alignment values, allowing the results of alignment corrections to be seen as they are done.

“Reducing energy consumption and machine breakdowns is an important goal nowadays,” Provoost said. “The new TKSA series helps achieve these goals, as good alignment helps saves energy and puts less stress on mechanical components, significantly reducing breakdowns.”