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Website helps Canadian employers recruit, retain apprentices


June 14, 2010
By PEM Magazine

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum has announced the release of its "Apprenticeship Works: Build on it" database of practical tools that will help employers recruit and retain apprentices.

"This one-stop-shop will show you what many of Canada’s most successful employers already know — that apprenticeship training is the foundation to building a workforce that will help your business grow," the organization said in a media release. "We have shown time and time again that hiring apprentices results in a reduced risk of skill shortages, better relationships with customers, fewer mistakes, improved health and safety performance and greater overall productivity."

Many useful tools already exist to help employers to recruit and retain apprentices. The database includes:
• information on the value of apprenticeship training;
• recruiting tips and interview guides;
• handbooks for implementing your own mentoring program;
• ready-to-use tools for identifying potential skill gaps; and
• worksheets that track apprentices’ progress and development

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Click on your industry category
  2. Click on your province or territory
  3. Click on any of the categories to get started: Foundation, Recruiting, Mentoring, Identifying Gaps and Tracking Progress

Want to recruit and retain your employees more efficiently and effectively? Think about apprenticeship as the foundation to your recruitment and retention strategy. It’s easier than you think! Big picture thinking about your staffing needs with apprenticeship as the starting point can help you reduce uncertainty and turnover. This section provides many workshops and tools that will help you with this big picture thinking.

Want to attract and retain talent? Here are the keys to success straight from employers with over 80% apprenticeship retention rates:
• Describe clear entry criteria
• Show a potential career path
• Provide support programs

Providing accurate job descriptions is important to attracting the right candidate for the position. This section provides lots of tools and tips that will help you recruit apprentices that will be the right fit for your business.

Apprentices want to learn, to develop their skills, and to feel like they are a part of your team. Effective mentoring is essential to addressing these needs. Mentoring also has many benefits for your journeypersons. They get to re-think their trade and break it into learning moments when teaching apprentices. This section provides many resources for tips on the importance of mentoring and how to drastically enhance the skill sets of your apprentices.

Identifying Gaps
In order to improve productivity and to enhance the skill sets of your apprentices, it is important that any skill gaps are identified and addressed. Many ready to use tools are available to help you identify specific skill gaps. These tools are designed to help employers identify potential Essential Skills issues or areas of strength in the workplace. A toolkit is also available that has assessment tools, ready to use learning exercises, and training supports.

Tracking Progress
Tracking apprentices’ progress is important to ensuring they don’t feel isolated and the positive impact of the training is being maximized. If you have an apprentice who needs help, study guides and courses are available to help them upgrade their skills. And there are ready to use tools that can help you track progress, gather feedback, and set training goals. One company with a more than 80-percent apprentice retention rate noted the overall reason for their high rate was “the work and effort we put into all our apprentices,” according to the company manager.

The "Apprenticeship Works: Build on it" database is your ticket to success! With approximately 50 top resources, guides, courses, workshops, toolkits and so much more, this is a powerful tool that will help you recruit and retain apprentices.