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ABB condition monitoring system


June 7, 2010
By PEM Magazine

The new ABB MCM Series 16 is an engineered product solution that utilizes the MCM800 monitor module for use as an independent stand-alone monitoring system or as a remote component of a fully integrated 800xA system. The MCM Series 16 system is custom configured from the factory to meet the specified application based on customer provided input. The MCM Series 16 package is designed for plant environments and is intended to be mounted close to the monitored machinery for reduced field wiring requirements.

Utilizing the MCM800’s multifunctional design, the Series 16 can be configured for single and multiple machine applications and can perform the standard vibration and position monitoring functions as well as accept-analog inputs, all in a single hardware platform. Unlike common rack based systems, the Series 16 incorporates industry standard power supplies and communication modules. The design of the Series 16 is intended to minimize overall plant hardware and personnel training requirements.

The MCM Series 16 features ABB’s Panel 800 HMI, an advanced graphic display for local display of monitored data. The Panel 800 comes with a standard set of displays but may also be custom configured. In addition to the standard display screens this HMI provides alarms lists and trending capabilities. Access to raw data output is provided via front panel mounted BNC connections. An external ethernet connection is provided for local configuration of the monitor modules and display.and a 110 volt power source is available for convenience.