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Concrete grinding machine


May 25, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Aztec Products Inc. has introduced its prototype of the all new UltraGrind propane powered, planetary head, gear driven, concrete grinding and polishing machine. It is now in production and available with diamonds and chemicals for polishing concrete floors.

The UltraGrind is the newest addition to Aztec’s extensive line of floor stripping, buffing and polishing machines. The Aztec UltraGrind has been designed for the more aggressive concrete floor grinding and polishing applications, where the goal is to both remove material and highly polish concrete floors. The UltraGrind machine is complementary to the DiamondShine, which is specifically designed for ultra high speed, large area concrete polishing only applications.

Weighing more than 500 pounds, the UltraGrind provides the ideal 40 pounds of head pressure per diamond abrasive for maximum results. The UltraGrind has industry-standard 2-inch exhaust ports for concrete dust vacuums. The UltraGrind also has an 8 gallon water tank, potentially adding up to 80 additional pounds of head pressure, and allowing the user to re-wet the floor while polishing. Like all of Aztec’s machines, it is made entirely in the USA.

The Aztec UltraGrind is powered by the new 20hp Kawasaki 603cc engine, featuring a heavy duty canister air filter.