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Schneider launches Maintenance and Modernization Consultancy


May 13, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Schneider Electric‘s new Maintenance and Modernization Consultancy (M2C) evaluates existing automation equipment, processes and support to recommend and prioritize actions for optimizing productivity, reducing future costs, minimizing unscheduled downtime, improving technical personnel skills, identifying potentional automation and control component support issues and reducing non-production inventory without risking machine uptime.

Suited for mining, petrochemical, water treatment, pulp and paper, and other industrial facilities with mission-critical systems, the M2C program follows a rigorous methodology:

1 – Project definition — preparation and understanding of facility process/operations

2 – Data collection without disrupting production – hardware, software, spare parts inventory, process maps, risk areas, equipment performance/age, plant performance, and skills analysis


3 – Data analysis – root cause of downtime, process/systemic issue identification, resource risk, inventory and skill gap evaluation; optimization of tools to support the facility’s automation investment

4 – Action plan – presentation of costs, timelines, and prioritization of actions given the facility’s priorities and budget.

For more information on the M2C solution, call 1-800-387-8247 option 2, 1, 4 or visit: