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Pressure washer with long hose engineering


April 22, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Daimer Industries has shipped Long Hose Technology (LHT) versions of its in high-end Super Max 12200 pressure washer. LHT design means the pump and propane heating units for these systems can reside in an exhaust compatible space, while the operator uses a cleaning wand attached by a hose more than 290 feet away. An exhaust compatible space can be outdoors or indoors in a ventilated machinery, shop, or boiler room.

The LHT architecture generates consistent pressure and cleaning power along the length of a long hose. Power washers without this architecture generally lose power over long spans of hose.

The pressure washer is powered by a 230V single phase, 5.0 HP motor capable of generating pressure levels as high as 2000 psi and up to 4 GPM of water flow. The machine uses a shaft drive pump and offer continuous use.

The equipment can clean with cold water, hot water, and moist steam cleaning. Heat is produced with a propane-fired heating system based on a schedule 80 industrial heating coil. The heating system converts cold water to hot in approximately 30 seconds.


The 12200 pressure washer comes with a 50-foot, super-reinforced pressurized hose; longer hose segments are available either as one long segment or short lengths that include quick connectors for daisy-chaining.