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Tsubaki releases plastic top-chain innovation


March 5, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd., a leader in chain manufacturing, is proud to introduce its newest innovation in plastic top chains: the Tsubaki BTB8 Beltop chain with ball-transfer system and the Tsubaki O-Carry conveyor.

When operated in combination with the O-Carry conveyor underneath the main chain, the BTB8 with its ball-transfer system makes possible a diverse range of handling functions other than just simple conveyance, the company says.

Lateral Transfer:
Lateral transfers (left to right sorting) of conveyed goods. Since no push-off or other devices are necessary, this approach works to prevent jamming, and allows for compact, space saving layouts.

Double Speed Conveyance:
The rotation of the balls effectively doubles speed of conveyed items. Also, low running resistance allows the required motor power to be reduced.


Rotate conveyed goods, both while the chain is stopped (360º) and in motion (90º/180º). Handling is smooth and safe because goods are handled on the same surface as they are conveyed.

Other benefits include an all-plastic construction, making them light weight and easy to handle, energy-efficient conveyance from the freely rotating balls reducing roller resistance, easy maintenance through simple construction, and a wide, belt-like conveying surface (maximum of three meters in width).