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Plan Ahead: Prepare for emergencies


February 25, 2010
By PEM Magazine

When an emergency event arises that could cause injury or death to a facility’s occupants, an emergency response plan (ERP) is a course of action that’s put into effect. Typical scenarios include fire, flood, explosion and oxygen depletion.

The type of event(s) you will plan for will greatly depend on the design of the facility, the type of operation and the geographical location of the facility. In all cases, building an appropriate ERP commences with a simple five-step process that must include the following:

1. Develop floor plan
2. Highlight harmful-material locations
3. Inventory corresponding materials
4. Get contacts
5. Develop ERP

1. Develop floor plan
Develop a current facility floor plan that clearly depicts:
• Building entrances and exits;
• Flood, tornado or safe-muster locations;
• Fire equipment locations;
• Safety equipment locations, including breathing apparatus, wash-down apparatus, defibrillators, etc.;
• Sub stations and major electrical panels; and
• Water shut-off locations.


2. Highlight harmful-material locations
Depict on the floor plan in a different colour code all potential harmful material locations that include:
• Locations of all lubricant storage areas;
• Locations of all chemical storage areas;
• Locations of all fuel tanks;
• Locations of all process gases; and
• Areas with flammable locations. These could include bulk materials, such as flour in a flour mill, or waste materials.

3. Inventory corresponding materials
Develop a corresponding current list of lubricants, chemicals, fuel and gas inventoried both inside and outside the facility.

4. Get contacts
Develop a contact list of all relevant personnel with access codes and keys to the facility.

5. Develop ERP
With the first four steps completed, use the above information to develop the ERP in conjunction with the appropriate authorities (i.e. police and fire departments).

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