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Tennant Company releases new body design for S30 rider sweeper


February 22, 2010
By PEM Magazine

MINNEAPOLIS — Tennant Company introduces a new body design for its popular S30 Mid-Sized Rider Sweeper. The new design enhances the Tennant brand within the industrial marketplace while providing customers with a durable machine that offers easy-to-maintain access to critical components.

The S30’s new teal roto-molded shell has a rounded, contemporary body style that is in keeping with the body style of Tennant’s other equipment further strengthening Tennant’s brand recognition in light and heavy manufacturing and warehouse environments, commercial settings, schools, and municipalities. In addition, the S30’s new non-corrosive Duramer shroud protects against accidental contact and improves service access via clamshell, swing-out rear engine covers and a center-hinged filter cover.

“When Tennant introduced the S30 two years ago, we were proud to provide our customers with a mid-sized rider sweeper that would improve their productivity, performance and safety while reducing their operating costs,” said Bill Ruhr, senior product manager with Tennant Company. “With the changes we’ve made to the body style of the S30, we’ve simply made a great sweeper even better.”

Through a number of industry-leading innovations, the S30 delivers outstanding performance, state-of-the-art air filtration, and safety-sensitive design and operation in both indoor and outdoor environments. Specific S30 innovations and product attributes include:

  • SweepSmart—a three-stage dust filtration and control system that filters sub-micron dust particles with a nanofiber canister filter to release cleaner air and improve sweeping results;
  • II-Speed™ Sweeping—a dual-speed main brush control that allows the operator to increase main brush, side brush and vacuum speeds up to 20 percent for more effective debris removal;
  • Touch-N-Go™ Control Panel with 1-STEP™ Sweeping—a simple one-push start button that remembers previous settings to increase ease-of-use and maximize productivity;
  • EasyOpen™ Access—easy-to-access engine, hydraulics and parts for quick servicing and improved productivity through reduced downtime;
  • Cab Forward ErgoSpace Compartment—an ergonomically designed operator compartment that improves operator and facility safety by improving operator comfort and visibility; and
  • Four-Wheel Stability—a four-wheel stance, rear suspension and large tires designed for stability and safe transitions between various indoor and outdoor sweeping areas.

Tennant’s patent-pending three-stage SweepSmart system is at the core of the S30’s ability to deliver such superior cleaning results. A first-stage Perma-Filter keeps bulky debris and dirt in the hopper and out of the filtration system. A second-stage cyclonic filter system removes the majority of fine dust and moisture by directing it into the hopper. A third-stage fire-retardant, nanofiber canister filter traps dust particles down to just 0.5 microns at 99 percent efficiency.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sweeping in light and heavy manufacturing environments, warehousing, schools, and municipalities, the Tennant S30 includes dual side brushes which, combined with a 14-cubic foot (395 L) hopper, offer a single-path cleaning path up to 80 inches (2,030 mm).