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Keep your floors clean and safe


February 22, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Finding the right industrial cleaning product can be a challenge, especially when you have an excess to choose from and a lengthy checklist of cleaning requirements. And in the end, you can still end up with products that don’t work the way you need them to.

Rob Graham, director of service operations, Kenworth Truck Centre (KTC) in Concord, ON, had little success in the past finding a product that worked for his shop. He was frustrated by products leaving residue on his floor that proved to be quite slippery and made his shop appear unclean.

More recently, industrial shops such as KTC, have achieved successful results with the new Shell CALLINA 1210 Shop Floor Cleaning Fluid. CALLINA 1210 is a non-toxic, non-abrasive, highly concentrated product. It works in a variety of applications, including engines, machinery, pressure washers, powered floor scrubbers and mop buckets, eliminating the need for multiple products and thus helping to reduce inventory.

"The grease and oils wash off easily with CALLINA 1210, but the secondary effects of the product are even better," says Steve Paul, KTC lube technician. "It has taken us much less effort and product to keep the walls cleaner on subsequent washings."


According to David Lawrence, marketing manager, industrial sectors, Shell Canada Products, CALLINA 1210 Fluid is a high-performance, general-purpose cleaner that leaves behind a quick-drying, anti-slip film that may reduce the potential for slips and keeps floors clean, but makes subsequent cleanings easier.
"CALLINA left no residue and made my shop very clean," says Rob Graham, KTC director of service operations. "It’s a product that’s quick drying and has great anti-slip properties, making the work environment cleaner."