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Deter pest birds


February 22, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Bird-B-Gone, Inc., manufacturer of professional bird control products, introduces Avian Plus, a bird hazing system that uses natural scents to deter pest birds from enclosed and semi enclosed areas such as airline hangars, warehouses, storage facilities, loading docks, big box stores and more. Avian Plus is a small wall mounted unit that emits a non-toxic, non-allergenic scent into the air that is pleasing to humans, and unbearable to birds. It makes buildings smell good, while keeping pest birds away at the same time. The natural scents make pest birds feel unbalanced – creating an environment they will want to avoid. Avian Plus is ideal for keeping pest birds from roosting or nesting in indoor rafter areas.

Avian Plus was developed by the aerobiology and infection control unit at Prolitec, Inc. – a leader in innovative air treatment technologies. Avian Plus is an "always on" system which works continuously to produce an invisible vapor and maintain a constant level of hazing scent. Avian Plus leaves no residue behind and uses significantly less liquid than other fogging or hazing systems. Each unit is computer controlled and can be programmed to fit the size/space of any area. Avian Plus is available in two sizes to serve spaces up to 250,000 cubic feet per unit. Avian Plus is the most advanced hazing unit available, the scent being distributed is not a pesticide and is safe and humane to use for pest bird problems.