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Rexroth's Tier 4 Emissions seminar offers solutions for meeting stricter mobile machine emissions standards


February 16, 2010
By PEM Magazine

With stricter EPA Tier 4 emission standards looming on the horizon for 2010 and beyond, builders of mobile hydraulic machinery will find that the task of ensuring power, performance and reliability will be more challenging than ever. A free seminar presented by Bosch Rexroth Canada this spring promises to offer key insights into tailoring mobile hydraulic machine design to meet the new standards while maintaining overall efficiency and performance. The event is ideal for design engineers, production line managers, and senior management looking for ways to anticipate the coming impact of new emission standards on mobile hydraulic equipment in the forestry, construction, and mining industries.

The Tier 4 Emissions seminar will provide solid background information on what the new standards – to be phased in over several years starting in 2010 – will mean for machine designers, particularly since different standards will apply to different engine sizes over time. Attendees will learn how Tier 4 will impact machine performance, and learn how Bosch Rexroth will be approaching hydraulic and electronic system design to coordinate with Tier 4 standards.

Seminar presenter Steve Apps, Bosch Rexroth Canada Applications Engineering Manager for Mobile Markets, says that despite the challenges, there are creative options for addressing the new emissions standards. Many of these new approaches involve using today’s increasingly reliable electronic control systems to help machine builders prepare for the Tier 4 future. “For a number of years, Bosch Rexroth has been developing ways to marry electronics with hydraulics, using computerized machine control programs to optimize,” says Apps. Computerized controllers and electronic digital feedback can keep machines both compliant and productive by controlling factors like temperature, engine load and engine speed, while providing a high degree of reliability and performance.

The Tier 4 seminar features classroom-style instruction plus handouts of the presentations. The event is offered on April 8, 2010 – and will take place between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, with lunch included.


To learn more about the Bosch Rexroth 2010 Seminar Series, and to register online for the Tier 4 seminar, visit Bosch Rexroth Canada at