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Hearing conservation clinic for on-the-job noise to be presented in Vancouver

St. Paul, MN -- 2010 marks the 30th year of the E-A-R Hearing Conservation Clinics. These educational seminars...

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February 12, 2010
By MRO Magazine

St. Paul, MN — 2010 marks the 30th year of the E-A-R Hearing Conservation Clinics. These educational seminars, presented by 3M, provide practical information on how to enhance hearing conservation programs that help protect workers who are exposed to on-the-job noise.


The clinics are free and are accredited for professionals by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene Certification Program, American Association of Occupational Health Nurses and American Academy of Audiology.



The clinics are offered to industrial, government, and military personnel who want to learn more about effective hearing conservation program management and how to properly protect their employees from hazardous noise. Attendees typically include industrial hygienists, health and safety personnel, occupational health nurses, industrial audiologists, consultants, engineers and medical staff. The clinics focus on practical and applied solutions rather than highly technical matters.


Author and industry expert, Elliott Berger, is the leader of the clinics. He is a senior scientist in auditory research in the Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division of 3M. Berger, who has conducted the clinics for 29 years, will talk about the mechanics of hearing, how noise levels are measured and proper protection of workers. He will also address the EPA’s recently released Proposed Rule which could drastically change the labelling of hearing protectors.


Berger believes there has been an increase in the number of people wearing hearing protection. “Data suggests some inroads have been made when there are effective conservation hearing programs in place,” notes Berger. “I think because of media coverage and people’s general interest in a healthier lifestyle, they are more likely to wear hearing protection in non-occupational settings as well.”


2010 clinic locations include several US locations plus a session in Vancouver, BC, in September 2010. To obtain the exact clinic date (yet to be announced at press time) or to register online, visit: