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Door locking mechanisms – metric sizes


February 4, 2010
By PEM Magazine

J.W. Winco, Inc., a supplier of standard industrial machine components, now offers series GN 115-NI Stainless Steel Door Locking Mechanisms in metric sizes.

These RoHS complaint door locking mechanisms are economically priced, and offer a straightforward locking action rather than a locking and clamping action. The mechanism is mounted through a hole from the front and fixed with a hex nut in the back. By turning the lock, limited to a maximum of 90 degrees, the latch is moved behind the frame, preventing opening of the door.

All components are made of stainless steel. The mechanisms are available with star knobs, or triangular, square or double bit key configured spindles. A choice of nine differently shaped catch plates provides a range of latching distances from 6 to 28 mm (.236 to 1.10 inches). Locks are supplied unassembled, and keys are ordered separately.