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Sioux all-electric E-Series pressure washers and steam cleaners


January 25, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Beresford, SD — Sioux Corporation’s new line of 100 percent Electric E-Series pressure washers and steam cleaners now feature the CE Mark. This is a mandatory conformity mark on products in the European Economic Area. The CE Marking certifies that a product meets European Union consumer safety, health and environmental requirements. The CE Mark is mandatory for products sold within the 27 countries of the European Union, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. As many of the European standards are converging with international standard, the CE Marking will often be required on products sold outside Europe, notably countries which have strong ties to Europe, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.

Peter Finger, Vice President of International Sales for Sioux states, “The CE Mark will allow our company to expand our international sales vision to Europe and other countries or customers which require the CE Mark. This is a milestone for our company, and we are very excited.”

Because E-Series units heat and pressurize water using electric power, the units produce no air contamination, have no flames, and require no fuel or fuel lines.  They can be operated for unlimited time periods with no reduction in steam or hot water temperature. The E-Series All-Electric Cleaner has a compact, portable design, perfect for all types of processes such as cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing conveyors, material handling equipment, floors, walls, mixing and storage tanks, removing oil and grease on production equipment and cleaning presses, dies, and moulds in manufacturing facilities. This line of cleaning equipment is ideal for markets such as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and general manufacturing.

Standard features include a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, stainless steel float tank, conservatively-engineered heating elements for long life, and adjustable digital temperature control.  A wide range of options are available in any electrical configuration used worldwide including both 50 and 60 Hz, and nearly any voltage.  Like all Sioux products, the E-Series is backed by Sioux’s 20 Year Reliability Guarantee, superior technical support, and over 70 years of experience.


Sioux currently sells to approximately 70 countries worldwide and received the President’s “E” Award in 2009 for exporting excellence. Sioux Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of application-specific steam cleaners, pressure washers, steam generators, special-purpose water heaters, and related custom equipment. The company specializes in engineering and fabricating industrial equipment for demanding applications.