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Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces new interactive brochure for industrial manufacturing solutions


January 14, 2010
By PEM Magazine

ROSWELL, GA – Industrial manufacturing companies seeking to improve their cost-effectiveness, worker protection and sustainability have a new resource for information: an interactive brochure from Kimberly-Clark Professional. The brochure offers product recommendations for improving performance, worker protection and sustainability in every area of an industrial manufacturing facility.

Areas covered include:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Warehouse
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Production and assembly
  • Paint booth
  • Laboratory
  • Washrooms and wash stations
  • Break rooms

“At Kimberly-Clark Professional, we understand the challenges manufacturers face because we’re a manufacturer ourselves,” explains Marianne Santangelo, customer marketer, Manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Through a proprietary Site Survey, our sales professionals can help a facility control costs and increase performance, minimize workers’ exposure to potentially hazardous materials in rental shop towels, and compare products in terms of environmental performance.”

Information on the Site Survey is provided in the new brochure, which also details product solutions designed to meet industrial-specific wiping, washroom and skin care needs with leading brands such as WypAll, Kimtech, Kleenex, Scott and Kimcare. A few highlighted solutions include:


Productivity & Cost Solutions – Manufacturers can drive down costs and increase productivity by taking the WypAll X 60/20 Wiper Challenge and replacing their rags and rental shop towels with WypAll Wipers for 60 days to achieve a minimum savings of 20 percent.  A 20 percent savings is also guaranteed for facilities that take the 60/20 Washroom Challenge by switching from folded towels to hard roll towels, or liquid soap to foam soap for 60 days. These high-capacity, low-maintenance products and their dispensing systems provide excellent cost-in-use advantages.

Protection Solutions – As detailed in Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Exposed: What’s In Your Shop Towel program, the use of WypAll Wipers helps protect workers, keeping them safer from potentially hazardous irritants and metals, while safeguarding the quality of products and processes, when compared with rental shop towels or rags.  In the washroom, Kimcare brand products help keep workers on the job with hygienic solutions ranging from touchless systems for towels, tissues and skin care, to exclusive dispenser systems featuring Microban Protection against odor-causing bacteria.

Sustainability Solutions – Kimberly-Clark Professional helps manufacturers better use resources today to help shape the world of tomorrow, with products that reduce overall environmental impact by reducing the use of resources at every stage – a sustainability concept that the company has branded Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow.  For MRO needs, manufacturers can improve their sustainability with WypAll Wipers, which are so absorbent they can reduce the amount of wipers used, which reduces waste.  For the washroom, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a range of products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which guarantees that the wood fiber used to make the products comes from well-managed forests or other controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber – another wise sustainability strategy.

The brochure can be viewed and downloaded from