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Immersion probe with integrated connector


January 11, 2010
By PEM Magazine

Dayton OH — Immersion probes with integrated connectors from Measurement Specialties are ideal for applications where they will be exposed to rapid temperature cycling, humidity, vibration and mechanical shock, and more.  The assembly consists of a NTC thermistor mounted in a brass screw-in housing.  The connector is crimped/cold rolled into the housing, thus eliminating the use of potting resins.  Various thread types are available to suit mounting requirements.  Immersion probes are suitable for measuring oil, fuel, coolant, water and air temperature in applications like engine control management, automotive and off-road data acquisition systems, industrial process control, boiler control and more.

Available in a range of R/T curves, Measurement Specialties Immersion Probes feature a robust, compact design. These RoHS compliant probes operate in a temperature range of -40  C to +150  C. Additional information is available on this and other space qualified and general purpose sensors at