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MRO’s SATURDAY MEMO: Proven strategies for successfully emerging from the economic downturn

Troy, NY -- GlobalSpec, a specialized search engine, information resource and e-publishing company for the eng...

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January 9, 2010
By MRO Magazine

Troy, NY — GlobalSpec, a specialized search engine, information resource and e-publishing company for the engineering, industrial and technical communities, has released its newest white paper, Preparing for Economic Recovery: How Industrial Sector Companies Can Successfully Emerge from the Downturn.


Developed specifically for companies within the industrial sector, the white paper explores the importance of being in a position to succeed as the economy begins to grow again. That means formulating strategies, designing campaigns and making smart media choices now. It also advises against returning to the “old way” of doing things. More than ever, companies have to address accountability and measurement by making strategic decisions about choosing new media, entering new markets, and positioning products.



The white paper provides a six-step checklist for companies looking to emerge from the downtown in a stronger position than ever to win business:


– Build marketing plans and justify expenditures now

– Prioritize marketing investments

– Explore new markets

– Update marketing materials and fine-tune messaging

– Emphasize measurement and ROI

– Work with new media partners


“The important question during a downturn isn’t whether or not the economy will recover — it will; it always does,” said Angela Hribar, chief sales and marketing officer for GlobalSpec. “The important question is whether your company will be in a position to choose an appropriate mix of targeted online programs that complement traditional marketing efforts, offer measurability and ROI, and provide evidence to support marketing decisions. To a large degree, the level of success will depend on these marketing efforts and capabilities – what you have done during the downturn and what you put in place now to win business during the recovery.”


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