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Tompkins Associates unveils new sustainable business podcast series


December 18, 2009
By PEM Magazine

RALEIGH, NC — Sustainability. Cost cutting. Innovation. These are just three of the benefits of "greening" your company’s supply chain, according to Tompkins Associates’ new podcast series:

"The sustainability movement has come a long way," says Jim Tompkins, President and CEO of Tompkins Associates and host of the series. "In fact, it has evolved to the point that environmental management is second nature, and companies are now focusing their attention on the competitive benefits of being sustainable."

The podcasts are developed to educate companies and help them advance their sustainability initiatives.

Tompkins adds, "Going green is not only about reducing your carbon footprint, it also can help improve your bottom line and strengthen your corporate image — the advantages of the ‘triple bottom line.’ With better sustainability practices, you can create a triple-win situation."


The podcasts titled "Introduction to Sustainable Business,"  "Packaging Sustainability," and "Transportation and Supply Chain Issues" are available now, and other planned topics and release dates include:

Facility and Building Sustainability (January 5)
Recycling and Reuse (January 19)

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More sustainability resources are available at