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Balluff goes ultrasonic


December 18, 2009
By PEM Magazine

This month marks the release of the Balluff family of ultrasonic sensors, which are designed for rugged, high-performance feedback when long sensing ranges and high accuracy are needed. Balluff ultrasonic sensors are used in many automated and process applications to detect the presence of targets or to measure the distance from selected objects.

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Based on the latest in acoustic wave technology, Ultrasonic sensors by Balluff find objects with superior performance compared to traditional sensor technologies like photoelectrics, especially in difficult applications because of their ability to see targets independent of color, transparency, surface texture or ambient conditions. They are reliable with a number of different target media, including solids, powders, or liquids. In dusty, humid, or hazy environments, they are sometimes the only choice available.

Ultrasonic sensors from Balluff offer multiple sensing ranges from short to long (up to 6 m, 19.7 ft). Available in a variety of tubular and block style housings for ease of mounting, these sensors have a rugged industrial IP65 or IP67 protection rating. With discrete, analog or combination output configuration options, the Balluff ultrasonic sensor family has been designed to work with many industry-standard controllers and can be a means to reduce the sensor count in your system. Balluff ultrasonic sensors have programmable setpoints and operating modes for enhanced flexibility in critical applications.