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CP Filter Packs – high efficiency and easy maintenance


December 17, 2009
By PEM Magazine

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Smaller and Smarter, Donaldson Torit PowerCore CP Filter Packs provide better filtration than traditional filter bags. Manufactured by Donaldson Company, Inc., a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems, PowerCore Filter Packs combine Donaldson’s proven and patented Ultra-Web nanofiber surface-loading technology with a corrugated, fluted media configuration that allows more media in a small volume, providing high particulate efficiency and easy maintenance.

The smaller, lightweight Filter Pack design includes built-in-handles for easier and faster changeouts. These require only a few minutes and no tools, which is unlike traditional filter bags that can take several hours to change. Manufacturers can expect a reduction in maintenance costs because one PowerCore CP Filter Pack can do the work of six traditional filter bags.

The PowerCore CP Filter Packs are now available in standard and anti-static versions, both with Ultra-Web nanofiber media. The new PowerCore Anti-Static (AS) CP Filter Packs are ideal for applications where electrostatic charges can be a hazard. Using an anti-static version of Ultra-Web media, the black-colored PowerCore AS CP Filter Pack meets standards for anti-static performance, with a surface resistance less than 108 ohms (measured per ESD STM 11.11-2001). Additionally, the release of the PowerCore AS Filter Packs goes hand in hand with an option for grounding and bonding of the Torit PowerCore CPC and CPV dust collectors.

Introduced in September of 2008, the Torit PowerCore CPC and CPV dust collectors combined with the award-winning PowerCore Filter Packs have successfully outperformed traditional baghouse and bin vent collectors in a variety of industries, including grain, cement, plastic, and wood.


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